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Fast & Reliable 
Data Streaming

Bring and process your data in flight with endless scalability and ease of use. Modern ETL designed to meet all your needs.


Data Pipeline You Can Trust

01. Fast & Agile

Receive, process and send your precious data in less than second. Quick setup from variety of Input sources: Mobile SDK, SQL Databases, S3/GCS buckets and APIs. BigQuery as default Output. More in progress, coming soon. Possibility to create new on request!

02. Resilient

Even in case of Input source failure the automated retry system, both in SDKs and Importers, will ensure data integrity as soon as possible.

03. Various hosting options

Designed to run On-Premise, in your own cloud or as a SaaS, one license for all of applications in your organization. Full support on every step.


Gather Your Data Easier

With Fastream only minimal setup is required to start collecting data from distributed sources. The built in Processor and smart Mapper allow to push Events without any interaction or with full customization on every step of the Pipeline.




Easily import from various data sources or stream events from your applications on millions of devices and partner API integrations with only minimal setup.


With real data samples and built in editor based on Python programming language it allows to customize or reject each event before applying mappings.


Flexible - Strict - Auto
Choose best approach for each stream with full customization or minimal effort. Review your changes and ensure schema consistency in final destination.


As a last step push your processed and mapped events to selected data warehouse trough blazing fast connectors.




Luca Meschiari

CTO at Instasize

“I'm happy to say that switch from our previous ETL provider went really smooth. We are surprised how easy Fastream is to use, especially event Processor and Auto Mapper. We didn't expect everything to be so fast and clear to understand. Handling hundreds of millions mobile devices and various data sources couldn't easier."

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